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Brazilian girl, 21.


Take me back.

Want to be back in this moment, sunshine, holiday hut and my fiance.

"Let it grow! Let it grow!" (I bet you know exactly what melody to sing that in, hehe). It’s getting so long for what I’m used to. I’m not trimming it for a while. Let’s see where this beard goes. :-P #beard

Oprah, I doubt you’ll even read this, but I’ve decided this is the shirt I’d like to be buried in. I’m only telling you this because I know someone of your social stature and incredible wealth will find a way to live forever, and thus, longer than me. Whether it’s through cryogenics, human-animal transplants, or robotics, I’m confident you’ll outlive me—so I’m entrusting you with my funeral arrangements. Don’t let me down, and don’t skip on the snacks—I know you can afford it! I want taco trucks, an open bar, and Twizzlers for the first 30 people in the door. I’d also like for Pauly D to DJ the event so all my guests will be jealous and wish they were dead themselves. Finally, I want to ensure there is a short intermission halfway through the 17-hour service to allow attendees to stretch their legs, empty their bladders, and text their friends to tell them if they don’t hurry up they’re going to miss the fire dancers.
R.I.P. Robin Williams :(

Wicket Good Yub Nubs.

What be happenin’, matey?
'Tis #beard be 'bout to swim!
Ahoy! Arrrrghhhh!

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Lighthouses and coastlines all over me